Personalised Stick Men Family Character Prints & Canvases

Personalised Stick Men Family Prints & Canvases. At Chatterbox Walls, we’re always thinking of new creative ideas for new designs of personalised wall art, so recently we’ve been in the studio drawing and creating a brand new of word art pictures, complete with cartoon style stick people characters.

cartoon style family

Personalised Stick Family Canvas

personalised stick family

Stick Men Custom Wall Art

personalised family print

Stick Men drawing family framed print

personalised family drawing gift

Custom Stick drawing family framed print

Bespoke family character print

Personalised Family Drawing Framed Print

Inspired by simple child like crayon drawings of stick people and families we’ve created a brand new range of personalised stick family prints and canvases, plus to make these pieces of custom wall art truly unique, we’ve added some chatterbox walls magic and technical wizardry to ensure that just like our personalised typographic word art prints & canvases, our new stick people & family prints also utilise our unique instant previews, so you can see your design of a personalised stick family & words preview on screen before you buy.

personalised family gift print canvas

Personalised Cartoon Family Framed Print

personalised family gift notonthehighstreet

Crayon drawing family print

unique family character canvas print

Personalised Crayon Stick Family Canvas Print

Family Character print

Custom Child Drawing Family Box Frame Print

mum dad family character print

Unique Family Character Gift Print

Our designs feature all the characters in your family drawn as crayon like stick people characters. There’s mum, dad, older brother, older sister, younger brother, younger sister, baby, grandma, grandad, and not forgetting the pets – choose from a dog, a cat, bird or fish.

cartoon family drawings print

Stick Family Characters Menu

custom crayon family print

Crayon Family Drawing Menu

All you need to do to create your personalised wall art featuring a stick people family is to select the characters in your family and type the corresponding name of the family member, add your main family name to the title, and choose from a wide range of background colours, and you will see your unique design of your family as a cartoon style stick family preview on screen instantly.

It’s so easy to create, we’re sure that it will make a perfect personalised gift for your family this Christmas and create a real talking point in your house

As with all of the rest of the Chatterbox Walls personalised wall art range, these custom stick people & family designs are available in a choice of four sizes from £14.99 including fast free delivery. Not only that, they are available as a custom framed print, canvas, box frame or just as an unframed print. We aim to dispatch all personalised print & canvas orders within just two working days, but if you’re in a hurry to receive your bespoke wall art a little quicker, why not choose our express next working day delivery option (see delivery page for details).


So what are you waiting for, click on the following link, and in a couple of minutes you could have created your own unique cartoon style stick family print or canvas. It really is that easy

gift of family characters

Personalised Stick family box frame


Unique word art pictures

Top 10 Personalised Gifts Christmas 2016

As Christmas is rapidly approaching, we thought we’d take a look at the Top 10 Personalised Gifts Christmas 2016. This Christmas, rather than buying boring mundane gifts like socks, handkerchiefs, candles or smellies, why not put a bit of extra thought into your Christmas present buying and create something yourself. At Chatterbox Walls you can easily create a unique personalised gift of typographic art in seconds using your own words and phrases.

Our bespoke wall art with words make a unique one of a kind personalised gift for Mum, Dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa, son or daughter – in fact for any member of the family or just a brilliant custom gift for a special friend.

Our custom word art gifts come as framed prints, canvases, box frames or just a plain print in up to four different sizes.

We’re not sure you’ll find any of these personalised gifts on the high street or even etsy, but we do know that if you are looking for a personalised word art gift, Chatterbox Walls has just the custom present for you to create with ease.

All you need to do is to choose your word art design, type your own words & phrases to personalise your wall art, select your background, and with our unique previews as you type, you can see your typographic wall art design on screen before you buy.

Don’t forget that all our designs are available as a framed print, canvas, stylish box frame or just a print and prices start from just £14.99 including free standard delivery. If you’re in a hurry, why not choose our express next working day delivery option for just £6.95 (see delivery page for details)

So we’ve put together our top 10 personalised gifts for Christmas 2016.

  1. Custom Word Art Square Print or Canvas. Now with changeable icons
    Top 10 Personalised Gifts For Christmas 2016

    personalised word art gift for christmas 2016

    typographic word art square with changable icons

    personalised framed word print

    words with icons

    custom word picture print

  2. Personalised Family Typographic Art Print
    Top 10 Personalised Gifts Christmas 2016

    personalised family typographic art print

    personalised typograpgic art framed print for families

    framed word picture print

    notonthehighstreet gift print

    unique family word art print

  3. Personalised favourite quote or phrase print. New festive background option to create your family’s favourite Christmas saying
    Top 10 Personalised Gifts Christmas 2016

    festive unique quote

    Custom Favourite Quote Framed Print

    personalised quote gift for Christmas

    notnthehighstreet personalised print

    type your favourite quote picture print gift

  4. Typographic Love Heart Picture Print
    personalised love heart with words

    notonthehighstreet personalised gift 2016

    etsy noths gifts

    typographic love heart picture print gift

    etsy typography print

    framed love heart print with words

  5. Custom Our House print
    not on the high street personalised print

    Personalised House Framed Print

    notonthehighstreet house print

    our house custon picture print

    Top 10 Personalised Gifts Christmas 2016

    Word art house picture print

  6. Personalised House & Family rules print
    house rules framed print

    Personalised House Rules Print

    not on the high street personalised house print

    Custom House & Family Rules Canvas

    scottish house rules

    personalised house rules print with scotland flag background

  7. Custom song lyrics print
    song lyrics gift

    Personalised Song Lyrics Print

    notonthehighstreet print with words & lyrics

    custom favourite song lyrics framed print

    favourite song as a gift

    first dance personalised song lyrics print

  8. Personalised family tree print
    framed family tree

    personalised family tree print

    notonthehighstreet family tree

    create your own family tree personalised print

    framed family tree unique prints

    family tree prints & canvases

  9. Our Journey in Life personalised typographic print featuring vintage world atlas map background
    word art altas print

    personalised typographic print with vintage world map background

    notonthehighstreet prints

    personalised destination print for travellers

    world map word art

    Personalised word art print with vintage world atlas background

  10. Square favourites personalised typography print or canvas

    typographic word picture print

    Personalised Word Art Square Framed Print

bespoke custom gift for christening or baptism

Personalised Children’s Name Art

name print gifts for children and baby

Childrens Name Art Gifts

We’ve just launched our new range of children’s name art and it’s fair to say that we are delighted with the results. You’ve probably seen similar types of name art for children before, but what you don’t get with our competitor’s websites is ability to see your personalised name art prints preview before you buy, which we see as essential in ensuring that you are happy with your design before you get to the checkout process.

name art framed print

childrens name framed gift

custom childrens name gifts

Personalised Baby Name Art Canvas

At Chatterbox Walls, we put our thinking caps on and with a bit of tech wizardry, we came up with a way of using the Chatterbox Walls unique instant previews to ensure the customer can see their unique personalised children’s name prints displayed on screen before buying.

Add to this some of our competitors have the cheek to charge you more because your child’s name has more letters – imagine that!

We think it is silly to charge more for more letters in your child’s name and all names are the same price, available in four different sizes, so all you need to do is choose the most suitable size and media to display your children’s personalised name art in their nursery.

framed name art

Personalised name prints & canvases for children

baby name present

Custom wall art name gifts for childrens nursery

To start with we have launched two personalised name prints which will look fabulous on any child’s nursery wall. One is a stylish animal design with a creature featuring next to each letter, and the other showcases a friendly coloured letters in the shapes of monsters. Keep looking out for more designs though, as we will be adding more shortly.

You might think that the live previews of your child’s personalised name art are nice, but just a gimmick. Whilst we think it’s really important that you can see exactly how your custom word art will look when it is produced, the added benefit is that there is no messing about having to have an artworker set your design and send you a proof to approve, which with some of our competitors can take several days.

personalised christening gift

personalised framed name print for baby

custom canvas letter art print

word art gifts for baby & children

With our bespoke name art designs, the moment your personalised print design is paid for, a file of the custom artwork is created, so it goes straight into production. This means that all our orders are produced, if requested framed, packed and dispatched in just two working days, plus if you are in a hurry for your personalised name art gift, there is an express next working day delivery option (see delivery page for details). None of our competitors can even get close to that level of service which is something we are very proud of and want to shout about.

All our designs are available as framed prints, unframed prints, canvases and in our new premium Box Frames in four different sizes.

See our new designs on the following links:

Personalised animal name art print

baby name framed print

childrens name print in box frame

Personalised Monster name art print

bespoke custom gift for christening or baptism

baby name canvas gift with personalisation

name art for children

personalised baby name prints, canvases & box frames


How to Create Personalised Word Art by Chatterbox Walls

One of the questions we’re often asked here at Chatterbox Walls is how easy are your beautiful typographic art gifts to create? The answer is that they are easy and very quick to create, and we’ve launched our video showing just how easy they are to make yourself.

Right from the moment of the concept of Chatterbox Walls with our unique typographic word art designs, we knew that it would only work if they were easy to create and the customer could see how they looked before buying. We didn’t want any further messing about emailing proofs, then having to wait hours or even days for approval, which to us, just adds much more complexity to what we believed should be a simple process. Our idea was that the customer, types their words, sees their design on screen, then buys their lovely word art.

All the customer needs to do is to type in their lovely words and with our live previews, you’ll see your word art prints & canvases come to life as you type with an instant preview on screen.

At Chatterbox Walls, we want to make creating your own unique word art gifts as easy as possible, so we’ve produced a quick video showing just how simple our products are to produce.

It’s so easy to create your own gifts using our word art designs, and you can create them in seconds from a mobile, tablet, laptop or a desktop.

So what happens once you have created your unique gift with words?

We’ve used our video to show how we print your loving creations using the best quality printing presses with the finest UV inks. Then, once your personalised word print is finished, then how we carefully and lovingly pack your creation and we only use carriers with outstanding reputations. In short, we’re really proud of our quality prints, and we want to do our best to ensure they reach you in the best possible condition.

In today’s fast moving environment of internet retailing, we want to ensure that our customers receive their personalised gift as quickly as possible. Printing brilliant quality word prints & canvases is one thing, but we know that we need to ensure our customer service is also excellent, and a big part of that means getting the personalised gifts to the customer as quickly as possible.

All our personalised word prints & canvases are dispatched in just two working days, and are sent on a 48 hour delivery via Royal Mail.

Even better, if you are in a hurry for your personalised gift, you can upgrade to our next day delivery for just £6.95 (see delivery page for details).

That means that even during the peak Christmas trading season, we can still dispatch personalised Christmas Gifts right up until 23rd December, when most of our competitors (who aren’t on the high street) close their orders on around 9th December.

word art for wedding gifts

Personalised gift for wedding; Framed Print

World atlas map gift print for weddings

Our Journey in Life Wedding Gift

mothers day canvas

Our mummy loves personalised word canvas. A unique present any mum will adore

personalised special birthday framed typographic word print

Special Birthday Gift. Personalised print

We all make mistakes – How to change your order after payment

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “can I change the words or spellings once I have paid for my personalized print order?” We’ve all done it haven’t we? You create your gift, you read over and over to make sure it’s just right then you hit the ‘order now’ button and, as it processes, you notice that you’ve made a mistake. Well don’t panic!!

word art for wedding gifts

Personalised gift for wedding; Framed Print

Once you place your order, the item goes into an automated print queue which means we have got a little bit of time to try and put things right for you if we can.

World atlas map gift print for weddings

Our Journey in Life Wedding Gift

Our unique preview system is designed so that once you have chosen your final design, placed it in the basket and then entered your payment details it creates an artwork file all ready for us to print. We do not re-type or re-enter any of the details.

personalised word print canvas typography

Typographic Favourites Art Print with Words

In the event that after the purchase stage you do notice a mistake in either the words or images you have chosen, we should be able to make a change if we are contacted straight away by email. By straight away we do mean within the hour as, in order to meet the delivery deadlines, we do print most orders as soon as possible after they are received.

framed wedding date print

Wedding Date Personalised Gift

If the worst does happen email us on via the contact us section of our website, (  choosing the option ‘I want to change my order’ and,  as long as your request is received in the hour after ordering, we will of course make an amend for you free of charge, but it may mean that your order does not get printed and posted until the next day. We will do our very best to advise you and meet any deadlines.

dad photo picture gift

Photo upload with words gift idea

Wedding & Flowers Magazine Competition

This month we have teamed up with one of the UK’s leading Wedding publications, Wedding and Wedding Flowers Magazine, to offer the chance to win one of three personalised wedding present prints. You can enter our fabulous competition here and it is open until 7th June 2016.

word art for wedding gifts

Personalised gift for wedding; Framed Print


wedding magazine competition

wedding magazine competition

We chose to team up with Wedding and Wedding Flowers Magazine because our personalised prints and canvases are such a great way to celebrate a wedding and to capture every detail about what made it so special.

wedding print framed gift

personalised print for wedding gift

wedding day in London

wedding day in London

We have had people create gifts for the Bride and Groom, for Maids of Honour, Bridesmaids, Best Men and and even for the Vicar!  Some people have even given them as presents to the hen and stag party guests to capture and remember all of the antics !

personalised scottish wedding

Wedding Print with Scotland flag background

wedding photo

wedding photo london bridge

Our unique Chatterbox Walls preview system allows you to customise your gift by putting your own words into one of hundreds of different picture styles. With an instant preview feature you can play around with the layout of the words as much as you like before you buy to ensure the gift you have created is absolutely perfect.

unique wedding gift ideas

Personalised Word Print for wedding present

wedding print wine cork

Personalised word print for weddings with wine cork background


In our special Wedding section you can choose from a wide variety of wedding templates, pick your favourite background colours and decide where the words should go.


word art present for dad

Personalised Gifts for Father’s Day 2016

word art present for dad

Personalised Print for Father’s Day

unique gift for dad

Personalised Typography Gift for Fathers Day

This father’s day, are you searching for a unique gift idea? Perhaps a present that you can personalise, so your Dad will know it’s extra special, as you have put so much effort into creating an unusual gift especially for him? Rather than giving a boring gift this Father’s Day such as a pair of socks or some golf balls, try creating a unique piece of personalised wall art with words as the perfect father’s day gift idea.

word art framed print for Dad

Love Heart Personalised Gift For Father’s Day

fathers day unique gifts with words

Dad, do you remember personalsied print

At Chatterbox Walls, we have a wide range of personalised typographic prints, posters & canvas gifts that we are sure your Dad will simply adore. We have loads of designs in our Father’s Day shop that we have specifically designed with your Dad in Mind.

To create a unique piece of word art for walls as a gift for your Dad this Father’s day in super quick time, all you need to do is think of some words & phrases which perfectly sum up everything about your Dad. They can be family names, characteristics, his hobbies, what he likes to eat & drink, and what he doesn’t like, what football team does he support, what car does he drive, what is his favourite TV show, the possibilities are endless, but hey only you know your Dad the best and it’s you who will be creating a personalised gift for him this Fathers Day.

Take a look at some of the personalised prints in our Father’s day shop.

unusual gifts for dad

Father’s Day word art

personalised word print gift for fathers day

fathers day personalised print with aged wood background

Once you’ve thought up your own unique words (and that’s the hard part), all you need to do to create your personalised wall art gift for Father’s Day is to choose one of the many typographic art designs we have especially for Father’s Day, then type your words, and you’ll see your unique word art present for Father’s day come to life with our instant previews as you type. Not sure about position of your words in your unique gift for Dad? Simply change the words on the lines as many times as you like and your design will update instantly. Next choose your colourway, and again, with our instant previews, every different coloured background you choose will preview instantly on screen.

Once you have decided that you are happy with your unusual personalised gift for dad, choose the size you would like your print gift from up to four different sizes, then finally choose whether you want a framed print, canvas or unframed print. All our designs are available as both a personalised print or canvas gift, and don’t forget we can frame any personalised print in a black or white photographer’s frame as an optional extra.

word art for dad gift for fathers day

Best Dad personalised print gift 2016

fathers day present framed print

Daddy’s Favourite things personalised print for Fathers Day. Cool Britannia background

All personalised gifts ae dispatched in just 2 working days, and if you’re in a hurry and need your personalised gift for Father’s day super speedy, why not choose our express delivery option for a next working day delivery*.

scottish flag gift for fathers day

Personalised Fathers Day love heart gift with Scotland Flag background

dad photo picture gift

Photo upload with words gift idea

So if you are looking for a unique gift for your Dad this Father’s Day, we’re sure that you will find exactly what you need with a unique piece of word art for walls at Chatterbox Walls.

*see delivery page for details

personalised memory print

remember when gift for fathers day 2016

personalised scotland flag print

Personalised Gift for Fathers Day 2016 Scottish Flag background

Royal Gift From Chatterbox Walls

Chatterbox Walls have created a special print to mark the occasion of The Queen’s 90th birthday on Thursday 21st April.

Queen Elizabeth 90th Birthday personalised gift

Personalised Gift to celebrate Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday

The company, which produces personalised, printed wall art has created a birthday print which celebrates Queen Elizabeth’s long reign. Rather then sending the gift to Buckingham Palace ahead of the big day the team is looking to donate the framed print to a local charity.

Commenting on the gift Chatterbox Walls founding partner Jon  said: “Every year we produce thousands of unique birthday gifts for customers so it seemed like a good idea to create one to celebrate Her Majesty’s 90th ahead of this landmark occasion. We came up with a list of words which we felt reflected her long service and family life and created a print to celebrate those qualities. As gifts can not be sent to the Palace due to security reasons we thought it would be good to let a local charity, hospital or hospice have it in commemoration of the special day.”

Chatterbox Walls was created in 2014 when Jon  was looking for a special gift for his wife’s 40th birthday. Struggling to find anything to fit the bill he teamed up with Manchester print and typography expert Simon  to create a market leading, high quality personalised on-line gift service which is rapidly becoming a market leader.

With sophisticated website technology, including a unique on-line preview feature which allows people to review their creations before they buy, Chatterbox Walls is now sending out hundreds of prints and canvases every week. Orders for special occasions include weddings, Father’s Day, births, teacher gifts, hen nights and even the occasional one to celebrate a divorce or two!

Any organisation interested in receiving the gift should follow the instructions on Twitter @chatterboxwalls or on Facebook

For more information visit

Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas from Chatterbox Walls

With wedding season fast approaching, are you searching for a personalised gift idea for the happy couple on their wedding day? If you are shopping for a present that’s more personal, thoughtful and memorable than a boring toaster, try creating a unique piece of typographic wall art with a personalised word print or canvas. Not only will the bride & groom adore the uniquely personalised gift that you have created for them, you can also have some fun creating your bespoke gift with words.


Personalised print for wedding gift champagne corks

Champagne Corks Wedding Gift Print

word print wedding gift

Wedding Present Couples Framed word art

All you need to do is think up some words and phrases that you associate with the bride & groom, type them in and you’ll see your unique word picture come to life with our instant previews.

bespoke wedding gift with words love story

Unique Love Story Wedding Present

framed wedding date print

Wedding Date Personalised Gift

If you are stuck for inspiration, let us suggest some words and phrases that we know are popular when creating your own typographic prints such as the couple’s favourite things, honeymoon destination, where the happy couple met, names of bridesmaid & Paige boys, wedding date, first date venue, names of pets, date they got together or even the church they are getting married in. In fact, as everything is personalised by you, the list of words is endless.

vintage wedding photography with words print canvas

Vintage Wedding Photo Gift

unique wedding quote gift print

Choose your own quote for a unique wedding gift

You can choose some of our popular designs with lots of words and phrases which you associate with the bride & groom, or you can just opt for designs with simple text such as their names, wedding date and church – it really is that quick and easy to create.

unique wedding day date framed print

Stylish Wedding Gift of Typography Print

wedding day date print canvas word art

Wedding Day Framed Word Print

We even have some designs which combine our love of typography with photos, and you can upload your own images to complement your wedding gift.

film strip print typography

Personalised Film Strip Framed Print with Words and Photos

wedding date anniversary print gift

Wedding day print with blue sky background

Once you’ve settled on your bespoke text, select one of our background colours. As all our designs preview instantly, you can chop and change the background colours as many times as you like before choosing one that you think would suit the happy couple and their interior design style.

personalised print love heart wedding present

Personalised Love Heart Gift Print

Once you are ready to order, simply select whether you would like a personalised print or canvas, and don’t forget, we can frame your unique wedding gift in a black or white photographer’s frame as an optional extra.

destimation print unique gift

Our places unique print for travellers

Our personalised prints and canvases come in many different sizes from a small A4 sized to extra-large, so you can choose to decorate your walls in any size with our word art.

unique wedding gift print

Personalised Love Heart Sweet Framed Print Wedding Present

wedding framed gift print canvas

Personalised Wedding Print with Hearts

It’s not just the speed of creating a unique gift that makes us stand out as a seller of personalised gifts. We want our high quality personalised prints and canvases to reach you as quickly as possible. That’s why all our orders are dispatched in just two working days, plus if you need your gift in a hurry, why not try our express next day delivery option (see delivery page for details). See for yourself if any of our competitors that aren’t on the high street can beat our dispatch times and delivery speed for a personalised gift.

Our song gift for couples

First Dance Wedding Song Print

wedding gift idea personalised

wedding day typographic art print

So for a unique wedding present that we can guarantee no one else will give to the new bride and groom on their special day, try creating your own custom piece of wall art with words. We hope that our wide range of wedding prints, posters and canvases make creating & buying a wedding gift a uniquely enjoyable experience.

World atlas map gift print for weddings

Our Journey in Life Wedding Gift

personalised print for wedding

wedding typographic art print

All personalised prints and canvases are available exclusively at Chatterbox Walls: from £14.99 with free delivery.

Wedding print gift VW campervan

Personalised Campervan Wedding Print

Happy couple wedding gift car

Wedding Car Personalised Print Gift

Personalised Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With Father’s Day fast approaching on Sunday 19th June, are you searching for some unique gift ideas, maybe thinking that your Dad would like a uniquely personalised present created by you this year?

We know that no two Dads are the same, so rather buying a boring gift like a bottle of whisky or some aftershave, how about a typographic art print or canvas that is unique to your Dad?


Personalised Word Atlas Map gift idea for Father’s Day

Our personalised art prints with words make a fabulous bespoke gift for Dad, that he’s sure to adore this Father’s day. Even better, all the words are thoughtfully selected by you, not only making the present unique to your Dad, but also he’ll know just how much effort you’ve put into this year’s gift.

personalised print gift for dad

typographic word gift idea for Father’s Day

To create your own gift for your Dad this Father’s day with a piece of personalised typographic art from Chatterbox Walls, all you need to do is to think up some words and text which best describe your dad, perhaps his loves (and hates), family names, memories, hobbies and even silly sayings. Be as imaginative and creative as you like when you’re personalising your own design.

dad thoughtful gift idea

Family word print gift

Then select your design, type in your words and with our instant previews, watch your design come to life.

personalised typographic print

Family Personalised Print Gift

Next, choose your background colour from oodles of options. Then all you need to do is to decide if you want your design as a personalised print or canvas. Don’t forget we can also frame your unique print in a stylish photographer’s frame in either black or white as an optional extra.

we even have some designs where you can also upload your photos, so a picture of your dad can be the centre piece of your word art gift.

dad photo picture gift

Photo upload with words gift idea

framed personalised word print with photo

Daddy photo upload gift with text

All orders are dispatched in just two working days, and if you’re in a hurry, you can even opt for express next day delivery (see delivery page for details)

We’ve carefully selected some new backgrounds which we feel your Dad will love this Father’s Day.

personalised fathers day present wine cork

wine corks background personalised word picture gift

unique fathers day gift ideas

Personalised likes Print for Dad’s with wine corks background

Our favourite new background image is wine corks, probably photographed straight from the vineyards of Bordeaux, and is available on all our personalised prints designs.

scotland personalised word print with frame

Square word art framed print with Scotland the brave background

Scottish flag word print gift idea

family favourites typography print. Makes a great unique gift for Father’s Day

Another new background which is proving very popular with our friend’s north of the border is our ‘Scotland the Brave’ colourway, which sets the Scottish flag of St Andrew as a stylish backdrop to our personalised word art pictures.

likes print word gift

Frames Likes Print for Dad with Scotland Flag background

Don’t forget that most designs are also available in these background colours and images, and you can see how your design will look with our instant previews, so you can change the colour as many times as you wish until you find one that suits you and your own interior design style.

With our range of personalised gift ideas for father’s day, you can make sure your Dad receives a present that you have created with a bit of thought, that he’ll cherish for a long time.

Chatterbox Walls personalised prints are available from £14.99 with free delivery exclusively from