5 Timeless Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

Chesterfield leather sofa

The Living Room

The classic Chesterfield sofa has a way of setting a traditional tone of its own. Imagine the simple and elegant lines as you enter the room with a large painting taking its stately place above the sofa. To further capture the image, a pair of matching tables and table lamps creating a pleasing and calming symmetry to your lounge. Matching accent chairs either side of an understated coffee table lifts the scene with a touch of class and makes your lounge the warm, welcoming sanctuary that it’s meant to be. Continue reading 5 Timeless Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

10 Interior Design Trends That Need to Stop

Glass mason jars

Mason Jars

OK, admit it. We all know someone who has a few Mason Jars trying to make, but not succeeding, a home design statement that shows you’ve got class, style and yes, even a hint of culture. No, no, no! Unless you are an avid jam maker wanting to give Delia Smith a good run for her money, or even an enthusiastic pickler, it’s time to let go of the notion that you’re showing a timeless classic, because you’re not. Remind yourself that you know what tea bags, coffee and sugar look like without the need to show everyone a tired old Mason Jar with lumpy sugar and more than its fair share of instant coffee granules in it for that extra visual appeal. So, let’s agree that the next time we meet, the only excuse for having a Mason Jar is for soaking your paint brushes out of sight in the garage or basement. Continue reading 10 Interior Design Trends That Need to Stop

15 Interior Design Blogs Everyone Should Follow

1 – Design Hunter

Helen Powell is an award winning interior designer with many accolades to her name.
Winner of the Achica Blog Awards and twice winner of the Amara interior Blog Awards, Helen is recognised and respected throughout the design industry. Helen’s blog is definitely the ‘go to’ site for everyday luxury and lasting modern designs. Design Hunter was created by Helen in 2009 and is recognised as one of the UK’s leading interiors, design and lifestyle blogs. I strongly recommend signing up for the monthly newsletter. Continue reading 15 Interior Design Blogs Everyone Should Follow

Personalised Stick Men Family Character Prints & Canvases

Personalised Stick Men Family Prints & Canvases. At Chatterbox Walls, we’re always thinking of new creative ideas for new designs of personalised wall art, so recently we’ve been in the studio drawing and creating a brand new of word art pictures, complete with cartoon style stick people characters.

cartoon style family
Personalised Stick Family Canvas

Continue reading Personalised Stick Men Family Character Prints & Canvases

Unique word art pictures

Top 10 Personalised Gifts Christmas 2016

As Christmas is rapidly approaching, we thought we’d take a look at the Top 10 Personalised Gifts Christmas 2016. This Christmas, rather than buying boring mundane gifts like socks, handkerchiefs, candles or smellies, why not put a bit of extra thought into your Christmas present buying and create something yourself. At Chatterbox Walls you can easily create a unique personalised gift of typographic art in seconds using your own words and phrases. Continue reading Top 10 Personalised Gifts Christmas 2016

bespoke custom gift for christening or baptism

Personalised Children’s Name Art

name print gifts for children and baby
Childrens Name Art Gifts

We’ve just launched our new range of children’s name art and it’s fair to say that we are delighted with the results. You’ve probably seen similar types of name art for children before, but what you don’t get with our competitor’s websites is ability to see your personalised name art prints preview before you buy, which we see as essential in ensuring that you are happy with your design before you get to the checkout process. Continue reading Personalised Children’s Name Art

How to Create Personalised Word Art by Chatterbox Walls

One of the questions we’re often asked here at Chatterbox Walls is how easy are your beautiful typographic art gifts to create? The answer is that they are easy and very quick to create, and we’ve launched our video showing just how easy they are to make yourself. Continue reading How to Create Personalised Word Art by Chatterbox Walls