Reasons to Personalise your Gift

Can you remember the feeling you had when you received a gift with a catchphrase, initials or your name on it? Can you remember the warm fuzzy feeling and the first thought that came to mind? You knew the person that gave you the gift has you personally in mind. Imagine you are the gift giver and you also want someone to have that joyous experience. We give you bulletproof reasons to personalise your gift.

Thoughtfulness and forethought

Getting someone a truly good gift that is appreciated takes effort and lots of time. Anyone that receives a gift can immediately see when it was a spur-of-the-moment kind of gift, last minute grab off the shelf or maybe dusted off something out of your old boxes. In this ridiculously fast-paced world where people do not have time for hours upon hours in shopping centres, they lean toward convenience rather than effort. When you give a personalised gift, you have actually put some thought into the gift and that shows thoughtfulness and forethought which is less and less the norm these days. It will be long remembered and treasured.

Names are important

Self-improvement guru, Dale Carnegie published his book How To Win Friends and Influence People and in it, he said that people love others that remember their name. It is not that you could have forgotten your best friend’s name, however, just seeing their name or initials on a personalised gift automatically makes them feel so special.

Memorable memories

It does not matter what the reason or occasion from college nicknames to special occasions, cheesy pickup lines or humorous situations, there are an endless list and options for personalisation. There are so many routes you can take to make your personalised gift stand out, show the recipient that you remember and treasure the memory, which they certainly will do as well.

It works for any occasion

Throughout the year you have so many occasions aside from birthdays you get promotions, graduations, valentines’ days, etc.  A great engraved pen and pencil set as a promotion or graduation gift with initials are a simple example of a personalised gifting idea.

Nobody else gives the same

Have you ever thought you have bought a great gift only to find out someone else already gave the recipient the same? However, as soon as you give a personalised gift with a name or anything else that connects you, you are certain that it is treasured and truly unique.

How to Make your Home Unique?

The saying, home is where the heart is, can be true when you ask yourself how you can make your home unique. There is an abundance of source material to find ideas, but which trends will suit your personality and where should you start?

What is the mood you aim for?

The best way that you can be unique is not to go for a specific style, but rather a mood. How do you want to feel in a room? Do you want cosiness and tranquillity, or do you want to feel inspired and invigoration? You need to decorate to conjure that feeling.

Even when you are not considering the current trends, they still have an indirect influence when it comes to making your own space unique. If you are a person that loves a modern, calculated appearance you will do well with a minimalistic look in black and white. The advantage thereof is that you can add warmth and a different dimension to it through colour and texture. As soon as you have a birds-eye-view of what the result could be the possibilities are endless.

A vital aspect to creating uniqueness and ambience is through furniture, custom handles and various textures. A home that is thrown together in a mismatched combination of colours and different textures will be unbalanced and these visuals often influence your mood when entering that space.

Create a focal point that will stand out and make it personal, for example, whether you are a book lover or not, use an entire wall as a bookshelf and add brass, ceramic or glass ornaments strategically. It could be a centre table decoration, a home theatre system or any other wall art décor as well. Almost anything will go if it is a reflection of your personal taste.

Timeless equate to minimal change

Keep in mind that you might not have the budget to continuously change your décor, therefore, concentrate on large items that are timeless. Use luxurious, squidgy textiles when you want a cosy atmosphere in a small lounge. If you want to create a chilled atmosphere go for big fluffy rugs and planet of textures that will chill, you out the moment that you enter.

Spaces many forget to add uniqueness include the hallways and bathrooms. In hallways you can create that uniqueness that nobody can duplicate, well they can use the idea and that is personalised pictures in lovely frames and large clocks.

Reasons Personalised Gifts are so Special

Can you remember the times before personalised gifts became a trend? It was down-right inefficient, aggravating and time-consuming and you were seldom satisfied with your purchase. Both you and the recipient were disappointed with a lame, randomly inappropriate gift, or your spent hours searching from one shop to another.

The reason why you struggle with gift buying is because you want to show you care and that the gift should be personal.

You are giving a feeling

A recent survey revealed that 70% of respondents said that when they get a personalised gift, they feel that the person who gave it meant for it to be special and have put a lot of thought into it. Specialising gifts make the recipient feel special and it is a one-of-a-kind item. Recipients are more likely to keep a personalised gift and treasure it than opposed to non-personalised.

Builds stronger personal connections

Anytime that you give someone a personalised gift that addresses them personally, it becomes much more than a gesture of appreciation or a gift. At this time, it shows that you share a connection and appreciate the bond that you have. You show that you do care about them and what makes them unique as an individual. After all, everybody wants to be loved and accepted for who and what they are, and this is something that a personalised gift does very well.

It works for everyone

Do you want to see a smile of genuine appreciation on the face of loved ones? Consider your partner, be it male or female, kids, grandmother, aunts, nieces or even your best friend, what is there that you can get them? While it is often easier to buy for some members of your circle, others are way harder.

You definitely have been in a situation where you ask yourself what to get as the recipient who “has everything”. When you use a dash of creativity and a little thought a personalised gift works for everyone. That is one of the biggest upsides of personalised gifts, anything that you give is custom and well received regardless of what it is.

The care and thought that went into the gift are all that matters and not the price tag. It has a positive impact that irrespective of the price means more than expensive extravagance as it came straight from your heart.

Interior Design Trends that are Making a Comeback

In 2018, decorative trends that hit the spotlight included a lot of exposed lighting, subway tiles and rose gold as top home décor trends. One thing is certain, some of these trends are worth retaining, especially, after the initial adjustment period, they’ve become part of the home.  However, as is the nature of trends, it’s time to step away from the tech-obsessed décor seen last year.

What will make their way into your home in 2019

Natural elements

2019 is big on natural elements like granite, concrete, copper and stone. These elements combine to give a serene and organic ambience to your urban abode.

Tonal reds

For the past few years, many homeowners and designers gravitated towards cool greens and blues, so you will be excited to hear that you can complement your natural elements with the warmth of red tones.

Black & White

If you love your black & white you will be ecstatic to know it is big again in 2019. It is one of the truly timeless trends that never really goes away, but this year you can add boldness and balance in a clever way.

Brass décor

You can say goodbye to polished nickel and stainless steel in your bathrooms and welcome back brass accents. Consider that this year moves towards natural elements and it actually comes as no surprise as it adds surprising warmth as opposed to the steel elements that you would expect.

Richer colour palettes

If you are living in smaller spaces or rooms you might have used muted colours but richer hues are also the latest trend. Your muted furnishings and décor can remain as is, but colours to add include rich organic greens, bold yellows, statement pinks and dramatic reds.

Floral patterns

Decades ago walls were adorned with floral patterns and if you did it last year, you would have been frowned upon. If you are one of those individuals who love wallpaper, you will find this timeless décor pattern is very high on the décor trend list. When you love contrasting colours and exaggerated proportions and have space, go for it this year.

Vintage lighting

A shocking trend that makes its way back is vintage lighting. You will see less exposed lighting and see more vintage sconces and pendants in copper and brass finishes.

When you consider the combination of trends, it is almost as if the clock is turning back. Combining these trends in a clever and unified way will leave you with a trendy and updated home.

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