Personalised 70th Birthday Gifts For Him

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Personalised 70th Birthday Gifts For Him

Personalised Birthday Gifts for Your Favourite 70-year-old Man

They say that 70 is the new 50 (or is it 40?). However young your favourite septuagenarian gentleman is feeling inside, the truth is that he’s seen a lot and done quite a bit as well.

This can actually make it q bit tricky to find birthday gifts for someone turning 70, as they’ve almost certainly for everything they want already. Golf clubs, pewter tankards, cruises… These are all great, but they’re not as personalised as they could be, right?

Find a totally-personalised birthday gift at Chatterbox Walls

If you’re having difficulty finding something unique and memorable for your favourite 70-year-old, whether it’s your dad, your uncle or husband or even your lovely neighbour who always waters your plants when you’re on holiday, then look no further.

Chatterbox Walls offers you the chance to create a totally unique work of art for your loved ones’ birthdays, as well as their weddings, Christmases, christenings, retirements, graduations and, well, just becauses…

Here’s how you do it

Don’t worry, no-one’s asking you to get busy with a paintbrush! You can create your unique birthday present art by collecting together all the words, phrases, dates, places and people that make your 70-year-old’s life so special. Then, as if by magic, these words are turned into personalised framed print, a canvas wall print, a frame, a deep sided box frame or just a print on a 240gsm satin paper stock.

Once you’ve got all your special phrases together, you can fit them into a word cloud, or a fancy list, before deciding which colourway you want to use, how big each different word should be and, most importantly, how big you want the gift to be.

You can take as long as you want to create your masterpiece

The great thing about Chatterbox Walls is that you can see an accurate preview of the print, box frame or cushion before you finalise the order. This allows you to get it 100% right so that you know your dad will love it. You can make changes, remove or add words and tinker with the colour scheme and font sizes as much as you like, there’s no rush.

Our products are top-quality

Our frames and cushions are all made by a UK-based company that delivers high-quality items to us. We just inject your magic formula (that’s your words…) to make the ideal personalised gift. 

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We aim to dispatch our orders within two working days, but if you need it sooner, we do have an express delivery service. It costs a bit more, but when you’re in a hurry…

Can I order the print on its own?

Yes, if you have a frame already, then we can create the print and send it to you without a frame. It’ll travel in a tough cardboard tube and arrive in perfect condition.