Personalised gifts for the home

For anyone who’s got room for great design

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Personalised gifts for the home

A new home is a red letter day in anyone’s life. So help them remember it forever with a personalised ‘welcome to your new home’ word art print. But it doesn’t have to be a new home. It could just be a new colour scheme in a room that a bespoke, word art canvas or framed print would finish off beautifully.

In fact, wherever there’s room for creativity and imagination, there’s room for  Chatterbox Walls word art.

With Chatterbox Walls, you can create as you type, allowing you to see how your finished typographic art piece will look when it arrives. This feature is one that is not available on the high street or every other personalised gift site. However, it’s one that is imperative in our opinion.  With this feature, you can see where and how the text aligns on the design and also how the finished piece fits on to the personalised print or canvas.

One of the main benefits of personalised wall art is that you can customise your piece to contain your very own words. You may have a secret saying between friends. Your family might have a motto that you can display, or you might want to customise it with something memorable for both you and the person who will be receiving your gift. Not only will it look fantastic, but it will show you made an effort to be different.

Many of our customers purchase our typographic prints when they are going to a house warming party. It’s not a secret that new homes are often under decorated or still draped in the style of the previous owner, but with our personalised prints your gift can begin to make their house feel like their own home.

With well over two dozen different designs that can be customised a number of different ways, you will find the ideal personalised word canvas for either your home or a friend’s home. From the low price of just £14.99, why not get a bespoke print framed then give it to a family member as a Christmas gift or even a birthday present?

Our pictures are second to none in terms of quality. It’s something that we pride ourselves on with every print and why we are one of the market leaders in our field.

One of the best things about personalised word art is that they’re not restricted to just one room. You can hang the right picture in just about any room in the house. From the more common rooms such as the kitchen and lounge, to a downstairs lavatory or even a porch.

If you are buying a present for somebody special, take the time to get them something that they can appreciate for years to come instead of something that will inevitably end up being stored away on a pile and forgotten.

You will not find these designs on the high street and there is no doubt that the right piece, with the right words will be a talking point in any home. With that in mind, make sure you take the time to explore all the different options below.